‘Bad player, wonderful hater’ – Mario Balotelli destroys critic Jamie Carragher

Mario Balotelli has aimed a parting shot at Jamie Carragher who criticised him throughout his time at Liverpool.

Balotelli, who this week signed for Nice on a free transfer, scored just four goals in 28 games for Liverpool, with Carragher a frequent and vociferous critic.

Before Balotelli left Anfield, Carragher ranked him among Liverpool’s worst-ever signings, saying:

“I can’t believe we signed Mario Balotelli! The thing with Balotelli is everyone always says it’s the off-the-field antics, but I wouldn’t care if he was doing it on the pitch. People tell me he’s got talent but I can’t remember him having a good game.”

Balotelli’s response was short and devastating.


“Jamie Carragher, bad player, wonderful hater @Carra23 ,who cares”

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