Barcelona have their badge stolen… but not for long!

Romanian outfit Otelul Galati insist it was a mistake using the Catalan club’s famous crest but will now revert to their old logo after they were threatened with legal action

Some teams will do anything to replicate Barcelona’s success. Whether it’s mimicking their tactics or splashing cash to sign the best players, few have been able to manage to reach the Catalans’ level.

But Romanian outfit Otelul Galati thought they had found the way to turn their players into Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta, only for Barca to hear about their scheme and bring it to an abrupt end.

Having played in the Champions League group stages during the 2011-12 season, Otelul have struggled in recent years and currently find themselves in the Second Division.

But in a bid to reverse their poor form, the club chose to create a new logo that bears resemblance to that of Barcelona’s.

Unfortunately for them, after two years of wearing the crest on their shirt, Barca have got wind of the situation and threatened legal action should the club not change it.

“Barcelona are right,” sporting director Cristian Munteanu said. “The club logo is identical to that of Barcelona. It was a mistake, a copy-paste, so we will change the logo.

“I wanted to change it anyway as supporters were not happy with the the new logo. We will return to our old logo which we played with in the Champions League and won the championship and Super Cup.

“We are obliged to Barcelona [to change the logo because] we received notice from Barcelona. Someone from Barcelona saw the logo and they sent us a notice.”

But was it really all that bad? Surely it couldn’t have been that similar? Oh…


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