With Madison Square Garden now annexed into Suplex City, Brock Lesnar rolled into Boston looking to add another metropolis to his monstrous domain as part of the ongoing Go to Hell Tour.

Whether Beantown now resides firmly within The Beast’s purview is a bit subjective, but there can be no doubt that Big Show, once again, underestimated The Conqueror, given what happened when the giant confronted Lesnar for the second time in three days.

Teasing a “man-to-man” message he felt the need to deliver in person, Show teased a handshake of respect for his across-the-years foe. When Lesnar brushed off the giant’s gesture, though, Big Show told him to enjoy his success until The Undertaker beats him at Hell in a Cell — again. Bad move, big man: A belly-to-belly and an F-5 later, and Lesnar’s largest critic was silenced.

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