Carl Froch wants George Groves to win the WBC world title

George Groves is just over two weeks away from his third chance to become a world champion and even if they are never going to be friends, Carl Froch wants to see his rival do the job…

I hope George Groves wins the world title out in Vegas.

There you go, I’ve said it. I want George to become the WBC super-middleweight champion of the world and I also think he can do it.

Yes, he still says the odd horrible thing about me but one thing I learnt in boxing is, if you are nasty and negative towards people it comes back and bites you… twice as bad. I could say I don’t care about Groves’ chances, but I do. And I am being completely honest about this.

I love British boxing. I love boxing. It has given me a fantastic life and has been fantastic to me and my family and we need world champions in Britain. Simple as that.

To have that WBC super-middleweight title back in Britain would be brilliant, regardless of who’s got it. We – and I include me – need that title and titles like that, back.

On top of that I think he can do a job on Badou Jack and I think he is good enough – even if I do think he has peaked.

I actually think him being out in Big Bear training will help him. We all know he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders against me, but we all also know he put it all there.

I want to see he has got through all that because it seems James DeGale had to go through all sorts of stuff and if George has the WBC and James still has the IBF, what a fight that would be. It would be interesting and it would be exciting to see what goes on.

I wouldn’t mind if Groves did more than win that WBC title; it would be great to see him taking them all on, beating the lot and being regarded as the best super-middleweight in the world. That would make me look even better!

Honestly though, I want to see George Groves win that world title.

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