Formula 1 is broken, says Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton believes Formula 1 is broken and lacking direction on the eve of the 2016 season.

The reigning world champion also argued MotoGP is more exciting than F1 because its races provide more action. When asked after the penultimate day of testing at Barcelona if F1 is “broken, lacking direction, or in rude health?”, Hamilton said: “I would probably say the first two you suggested.”

After apologising for not wanting to elaborate on the subject, he added: “I don’t want to say too much, but I do agree with the first two things you said.” When asked about his passion for MotoGP, Hamilton expressed a desire to attend more races and experience riding one of the two-wheeled machines. “MotoGP is just so cool, much more exciting to watch, I would say, just because it’s closer racing,” he said. “I really need to try a MotoGP bike. I’m dying to at least get on the back of one. That would be so cool. I just won’t tell my team that I’m doing it! I definitely want to make it to more races this year – I’ve only been to one in a season, and I want to get to some more.” F1 has come in for criticism recently as senior figures struggle to agree on a direction for future regulations, while the lack of competition at the front for Mercedes has led to criticism of F1 as a product. The decision-making process was thrown into the spotlight again last week when changes to the Saturday qualifying format for 2016 were proposed, with confusion over the following days about how to implement the new system.

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