Is Xavier Woods Set To Become The Seth Rollins of The New Day?

The Wyatt Family are set to face The New Day at Battleground for the Tag Team Championships and it seems that the trio have finally realised how much of a test The Wyatt Family will be to their record breaking reign.

Not only is their reign as Tag Team Champions in jeopardy but it looks like their friendship could also be on the line in this match since Xavier Woods has recently decided to be the outspoken member of the group.

The Wyatt Family have targeted Xavier in their promos recently and much like The Authority obviously convinced Seth Rollins to switch sides and turn on The Shield, Bray and his mysterious unwashed family could also convince Xavier to leave Kofi Kingston and Big E behind.

There is no denying the fact that The Wyatt Family will be the biggest test that New Day have faced in their almost year long reign as Champions, but Big E, Kofi and Xavier have brushed aside all on comers and could easily do the same at Battleground.

The problem is the fact that Bray Wyatt has obviously got in Xavier’s head, he is the smartest member of The New Day given that he has a degree much like Rollins was The Architect of The Shield and it seems Wyatt’s negativity could be more contagious than his current power of positivity.

With the upcoming Brand Split there is no telling where the three members of The New Day will end up, the same as the four members of The Wyatt Family, but it seems that WWE could be set to divide the Tag Team Championships once again so that each show has a tag team division.

This would mean that there would need to be solid champions on either show and Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman would be fantastic on Smackdown, not to mention how unbeatable they will be when Luke Harper finally returns to action.

Xavier has walked away from The New Day twice and even proclaimed this week that ‘If you don’t see the threat that Bray Wyatt is to us, then I don’t think that The New Day will be able to survive.’

Does this mean that The New Day as a group will not survive? Or is this a clever ploy by The New Day to convince The Wyatt Family that there is a weak link in the group? Either way the most functional group in WWE doesn’t seem to be functioning the same why that they were a few weeks ago.

Xavier Woods has changed over the past few weeks and he seems to be heading for a singles push outside of The New Day after the group has ended so it does make sense to have him turn heel and leave the other two members to continue to tag as a team on either Raw or Smackdown without him.

It is sad that WWE seems to have resorted to recycling story lines, much like with Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt, even though that alliance only lasted a few weeks and Daniel wasn’t fully under Wyatt’s control. Maybe this could be the same thing again?

Bray Wyatt deserves better, he is so good on the mic and he has the skills to back it up in the ring, he needs to be going after the World Championship whilst his family has the Tag Team Championships and when Sister Abigail is unveiled she can go after the Women’s title and the Wyatt Family can rule WWE.

It seems that mind games are WWE’s way of showing the power that Bray Wyatt has and if this is their way of winning the Tag Team Championships then there wouldn’t be much of a problem with that, but if Xavier Woods costs his team the titles then it wont make The Wyatt Family looks strong at all and where will it leave Bray in his hunt for the World Championship?

Everything is heading in the right direction for The Wyatt Family if they are heading for a big push but it will be a sad day for The New Day if Xavier does turn on his brothers Seth Rollins style and cost them the Tag Team Championships.

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