Italian club AS Roma launch Pidgin twitter account

People in Nigeria have been reacting positively to the decision by Italian club AS Roma to set up a Pidgin Language Twitter account.

AS Roma wrote on its website that it launched the Twitter account to improve the connection with fans in Nigeria and neighbouring countries.

The club said that the account, which will be run from Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos, came about after suggestions from Nigerian fans.

In one of its first tweets it announced “we don show” – or we have arrived.

More than 10,000 people have followed the account in the first 24 hours of it launching.

AS Roma’s popularity in Nigeria soared after the club said it was backing the Super Eagles at the World Cup in Russia last year, after Italy failed to make the finals.

The Italian club can now boast Twitter accounts in 13 different languages – Italian, English, Arabic, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Bosnian, Turkish, Dutch, Farsi and Chinese.

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