Kloppelganger! Liverpool fitness coach Andreas Kornmayer again left fans seeing double during Spurs cup clash

You may have spotted a new addition to Liverpool’s backroom staff this season, because he looks quite familiar.

Fitness coach Andreas Kornmayer joined the Reds from Bayern Munich in the summer, and he’s the man many hold responsible for getting the Reds up to speed with Jurgen Klopp’s famous pressing game.


And Kornmayer is clearly a fan of Klopp’s attire, too.

Because fans yet again noticed his striking similarity to the Liverpool manager during the EFL cup clash with Spurs, when even Lucas Leiva seemed a bit stunned by being confronted by the two at once, as seen above.

Kornmayer was first spotted during the pre-season win over Barcelona above, and football fans have taken to wondering just who he is when Liverpool’s dugout is shown.

Maybe it’s all a ploy to try and make the opposition see double?

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