Liverpool need a whole new spine – but they will still beat United

Liverpool’s performances under Jurgen Klopp have been wildly inconsistent but the fans know their team are very poor. The former Borussia Dortmundmanager has more or less been given a free pass until the end of the season. He can from there address the glaring deficiencies in his squad, sign some players and shape the team in his mould.
He is currently hamstrung by the personnel at his disposal: these are not Liverpool players – they are not big game players and don’t seem able to deal with pressure. They appear unprepared for the rigours of playing for a club like Liverpool and that is a huge issue. A goalkeeper, a centre half, at least one full-back, a midfielder and a striker should all be prioritised in the upcoming window.
Basically, he needs the spine of a team.
Not one player has staked a strong enough claim to be part of Liverpool’s starting XI come the start of next season. They have all been way, way too inconsistent. Simon Mignolet has been poor, no one in defence or midfield have stood out and they are struggling up top.
James Milner has been James Milner: consistent but hardly a world beater. He is a typical British player; full of industry but offers no guarantee of an end product. He is not the calibre of player that you associate with a league-winning side or one that consistently challenges in Europe.
Milner is representative of this team: industrious but nothing special. Klopp needs to get a player like Marco Reus in.
Despite their troubles, Klopp has been a breath of fresh air at Liverpool. His personality is superior to that of former boss Brendan Rodgers. He comes across as very genuine and has not tried to be anybody but himself. He has not got his teeth sorted or suddenly jumped on a treadmill to lose weight. Liverpool fans have really taken to him and were he to win something substantial, say the Champions League, he would all of a sudden be projected alongside the likes of Bob Paisley or Bill Shankly.
He will be expected to challenge for the league next season because the club and the fans have probably looked at Leicester and Tottenham duelling it out and felt that they are a much bigger club. It doesn’t work like that though.
But back to the here and now. Liverpool are still in contention for the Europa League and take a healthy two-goal lead into their last-16 second-leg fixture on Thursday. In truth, United are lucky to still be in the tie after the first leg, which they could have lost by five or more had it not been for the brilliance of David de Gea. I fancy United to score on Thursday and they could get two but they are far too over reliant on De Gea and expect them to concede also.
Liverpool need a whole new spine to their team yet I expect them to overcome this United side, who had been either average or terrible this season.

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