‘Mario Balotelli’s dream is to play for Real Madrid’ – AC Milan team-mate Diego Lopez

Mario Balotelli dreams of joining Real Madrid, and we know this because his AC Milan team-mate Diego Lopez has said so.
Balotelli, who has played in the Serie A and Premier League, remains keen to swap Milan for Madrid at some point to fulfil his ‘dream’, but he isn’t a bad guy, Lopez has explained.
“Mario isn’t like people paint him out to be,” Lopez told Marca Plus.
“He is a nice guy and a good player and you know what? His dream is to play for Real Madrid.”
As for Lopez, he may be dreaming of a move to Spain too given that he has lost his place to the Rossoneri’s first-choice goalkeeper, 16-year-old Gianluigi Donnarumma.
However, he says he has reacted “with calmness” to losing his spot in the first team and says he will do everything possible to regain his position.
“The pain affected my performance and then the coach decided to focus on Donnarumma,” he said.
“I reacted to that decision with calmness and today, I feel much better. I have a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities.
“I will do everything possible to return and defend the goal for Milan. I’m very motivated and working so hard, in order to return at 100 per cent fitness.
“I want to come back stronger than I was before.”

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