Roger Federer explains how he blocks out ‘distractions’

Roger Federer reveals why he finds it necessary to block out media ‘distractions’.

Roger Federer insists he blocks out press attention because otherwise it would distract him.

A few years ago, Federer was being written off by all sections of the media, however the effervescent Swiss legend lifted his 20th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open last year.

Roger Federer doesn't like to read what the press have to say about him

The 37-year-old is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to wield a racket.

In his press conferences, he is often very engaging and conducts them in multiple languages.

But Federer admits he has to be careful of what he says and he also does his best to avoid reading what is written about him.

“At times, everybody weighing in on everything you do, and every match is overly judged,” Federer said. 

Roger Federer is in action at the Miami Open this week

“It’s quite challenging going into the press conference and that’s something I tend not to read too much about myself, just because you get influenced by it and you say, ‘Is it my game really that bad right now or is it my forehand the same what it used to be’.

“That’s why I try not to read into it too much but clearly what I have always done throughout my career is question myself, even if at the best of times and then also when things do not go so well like maybe this has been a bit more challenging, but I did it before so it’s not like now, ‘Okay, god, panic mode, what I am gonna do now to change it around.

“So it’s just important to be looking out for what’s important as a player and then it’s actually somehow you find a way which is okay.”

Federer is in action at the Miami Open this week and he will be hoping to make amends for his surprise Indian Wells final defeat to Dominic Thiem last weekend.

Despite his loss, Federer is up to number four in the world rankings.

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