Sorry, Slovenia

Imagine doing something so embarrassing you end up apologising to two million people as a result. That is the fate that has befallen Luka Modric.

The Real Madrid midfielder has made himself very unpopular in Slovenia over the past few days. So unpopular, in fact, that he has said sorry to the entire country.

During the latter stages of Real’s Champions League victory over Manchester City on Wednesday, Modric was caught on camera saying something deeply offensive to Slovenian referee Damir Skomina.

Having just been substituted, the former Tottenham playmaker took exception to one of the official’s decisions.

His remark, which will not be repeated here, was widely condemned and the Croatia international realised he had to atone for his actions.

“First of all, I apologise to the referee Damir Skomina,” said Modric, “and then to everyone, especially in Slovenia, who was insulted by my vulgar reaction”.

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