The big giant bauble nominees are out

If anyone hasn’t seen the film ‘Ronaldo’, a curious documentary about one man’s quest to win as many Ballon d’Ors (Ballons d’Or?) as one can possibly fit on mantle piece, or one of those weird trophy rooms footballers seem to have where everything underlit and rotating, the Warm-Up recommends it.

If only because of the truly strange sensation of having spent an hour-and-a-half in the company of one of the two defining players of this generation, without any real idea of whether you like him more or less after it.

What is clear about the film is that the Ballon d’Or is a big deal. Players – or at least this one, certainly – care about it enormously, so presumably plenty were gathered around their radios and telegram devices to hear who was on the shortlist this year. And indeed it does contain the men you’d expect, with Cristiano Ronald and Leo Messi joined by 28 other hopefuls, fingers crossed that this is the year people depart from orthodoxy and give it to someone else, for the first time since 2007.

Perhaps this time they do have a slightly better chance, as the responsibility for dishing out the award has been passed back from Fifa to France Football, who thought of the thing in the first place. Perhaps Jamie Vardy will win it, capping an extraordinary year that has seen him win the Premier League, feature on the cover of Hello! magazine and then complain about becoming too famous.

Does anyone really care? Well, it seems at least the players do.

Source: Eurosport

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