Tyson Fury beats Wladimir Klitschko to become world heavyweight champion

Tyson Fury shocked the world by outworking and outperforming Wladimir Klitschko to become the new world heavyweight champion via unanimous decision.
Britain’s Fury edged the majority of the 12 rounds in a disappointing contest against the 39-year-old, who offered very little throughout.
Fury now holds every version of the maximum-weight title barring the WBC edition after the judges at Dusseldorf’s ESPRIT Arena gave it to him with scores of 116-111, 115-112 and 115-112.
With many predicting a stoppage win for the defending titlist heading into the eagerly-anticipated showdown, it came as a shock that the early rounds saw very little offered by the Ukrainian other than clinching whenever Fury landed shots.
After a action-bereft third round, however, the shock factor eased and many fans were left wondering if the fight would heat up at any point.
Fury, to his credit, moved, punched and talked in ways that ensured Klitschko could not control the fight as he controlled every fight of his 11-year unbeaten run. Without control, Dr. Steelhammer offered next to nothing.
The fact that it was an insipid encounter from a technical standpoint will soon be forgotten, as this was a superb gameplan from the Fury camp executed to near-perfection and a truly historic moment as the Klitschko dominance finally came to an end.
The 12th and final round saw the stadium come alive as the bout finally took off, with both men landing some jarring combos on the other in a great climax to an average contest.
However the true highlight came when Fury was declared the new champion, as he showed class and respect by shaking the hands of the Klitschko camp before fulfilling his promise to celebrate with an in-ring song – serenading his wife with Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’.

Round by Round: How Tyson Fury won the world heavyweight title

Round One
Hardly a punch landed in the first minute as the two behemoths sized each other up. When they started to get comfortable, it was the challenger landing more jabs and showing better movement. Three times in quick succession Klitschko rushed to grab Fury in a clinch when a punch from the Brit landed.Fury 10-9 Klitschko
Round Two
As with the first round, decent contact was rare but Fury was the more confident and offensive-minded while Klitschko continued to stick his jab fist out and clinch whenever Tyson got close. A neat combo from the challenger was the highlight of the round. Fury 20-18 Klitschko
Round Three
Fury switches to southpaw and tries to goad Wlad into attacking by lowering his arms. The fans loved it but the champ has none of it, sticking to his cautious gameplan. Unfortunately that results in a round where each fighter lands around two shots each. Complete waste of three minutes, even round.Fury 30-28 Klitschko
Round Four
The fight is promising to make Mayweather v Pacquiao look like Hagler v Hearns at this slow, plodding, inactive tempo but Klitschko does win his first round with a couple of decent shots which give him the edge over the fourth.Fury 39-38 Klitschko
Round Five
Klitschko is now nursing a small cut under his eye and Fury returns to what likely caused it by outjabbing the champion and winning another round, landing a couple of decent quick combos in the final thirty seconds of the round to really wake up the British fans. Fury 49-47 Klitschko
Round Six
More of the same, as Fury succeeds with the jab while Klitschko’s trainer implores him to aim for body shots, to little avail. Halfway through the fight and the champ is falling behind…. on non-German scorecards at least. Fury 59-56 Klitschkoduring the fight – Reuters
Round Seven
Klitschko is looking a shell of himself here. He cannot figure out how to force Fury to fight his fight and has no ‘Plan B’, it seems. The official’s cries of “stop stop stop stop stop!” are getting repetitive but Fury continues to out-land and fist-pumps to his corner as he claims another round. Fury 69-65 Klitschko
Round Eight
Rinse and repeat. It isn’t great from Fury but it’s smart, and Klitschko is offering NOTHING. Fury 79-74 Klitschko
Round Nine
Fury is looking a little tired and Klitschko finally lands a good combo, bringing the local fans alive for the first time. Fury lands a sharp combo of his own moments later. A slight edge to Wlad there, though. Fury 88-84 Klitschkothe fight – Reuters
Round Ten
Both men are starting to flag, which isn’t surprising at heavyweight level but would be a bit more understandable if they had, you know, fought a bit more in the last nine. An untidy round is nonetheless edged by Fury again. Klitschko simply isn’t fighting as if all but one of the world’s heavyweight boxing titles are slipping from his grasp. Fury 98-93 Klitschko
Round Eleven
Fury is deducted a point right at the end of the round for rabbit punching. He had been warned plenty, though many fight fans will point to the infinite warnings Wlad gets for naughty tactics without losing points – especially when he outscored Povetkin. It makes it an even round. Fury 107-102 Klitschko
Round Twelve
Believe it or not, a frustratingly-dull world heavyweight title fight ended with a blistering three-minute finale. Not only did Klitschko go for the KO, perhaps finally suspecting he is behind on the cards, but Fury was attacking as if he were 11 rounds down. Wladimir had the better of the combos to take one more round but surely, surely, this was Fury’s moment? Fury 116-112 Klitschko

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