Tyson Fury: Boxing should lead way in sport by legalising drugs

Tyson Fury has courted more controversy by claiming drugs should be legalised in boxing to prevent fighters from claiming an advantage over their fellow pugilists.

Ahead of his world heavyweight title fight against Ukraine’s WBA Super, WBO and IBF champion Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf on Saturday, Fury claimed boxing has a huge problems with drugs in the sport. And the unbeaten towering British boxer – known as the Gypsy King – believes the answer could be in legalising drug use in the sport.


“The old-fashioned ways ain’t the ways, so I’m all open for drugs because if we want to go forward in life and be in a democratic world means that we have to be open to different things,” said Fury, who dressed up as Batman at a media conference to publicise his bout with Klitschko prior to it being rearranged due an injury sustained by the champion. “Why don’t they just make drugs totally legal in sports, then everybody would be taking drugs then it would be fully fair wouldn’t it? “It’s none of my concern really, but if the governing bodies want to do that then I think it would be a bit fairer because you’ve got all the people taking drugs and when you face a man who is not taking drugs it becomes unfair doesn’t it? “I would say boxing’s got a big problem with drugs.”

Source: Eurosport

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