Wenger calls for FA to take action over Costa incident

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called for the Football Association (FA) to review Gabriel’s sending off against Chelsea and consider taking retrospective action against Diego Costa.

The Frenchman wants referee Mike Dean to take retrospective action and punish the Spain striker for his role in the dispute with the Gunners defender.

Gabriel’s dismissal for kicking the Chelsea striker incensed the Arsenal manager, who said after the game that he felt Costa deliberately provokes angry reactions from his opponents.

Wenger told reporters: “Yes, of course [the FA should take action]. They do it for everybody.

“Especially I would like [referee] Mike Dean to look at the whole action that happened during the game and see if he stands for his decision.

“They [the match officials] can tell you and they know Diego Costa. He is not a newcomer. He was here for a year now.”

Wenger questioned Dean’s decision to leave Costa on the field, before laying some blame for the incident at the feet of his defender.

He said: “It is surprising. I tell you something, if I am a referee and I referee Diego Costa, I do not send somebody off quickly if he responds to it because you know he has been well provoked.

“We warn them not to get involved and I don’t understand Gabriel because he usually looks a calm boy.

“You have to be above that. That’s part of the game sometimes. To be professional, to me, is to deal with that.

“You can spit in my face and if it’s in a game then I will not respond. I do not guarantee that outside of the game. What I mean is that the desire to win has to be above all of that.”

Source: goal.com

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