WWE RAW Sees Viewership Drop Once Again

The return of The Undertaker wasn’t enough to move the needle in a positive direction.
This week’s WWE RAW viewership totals have been reported, and it’s another slip for WWE as they head into the final build toward next month’s WrestleMania. RAW on February 29 saw average audience of 3.724 million viewers, which was down 160,000 from the 3.884 million viewers who tuned in last week.
The hourly breakdown for the show was as follows:
First Hour: 3.961 million viewers (4.201 million last week)
Second Hour: 3.660 million viewers (4.055 million last week)
Third Hour: 3.551 million viewers (3.396 million last week)
The most noticeable fact this week was that no hour of the broadcast drew more than 4 million viewers. Last week, both the first and second hour of the show came in with over 4 million viewers before a massive drop for the third hour. This week, the show also saw a big drop from the start of the show to the finish (approximately 400,000 viewers tuned out from the first hour to the last), but it was only half as bad as the 800,000 plus viewers that tuned out last week from hour one to hour three.
The number this week has to be disappointing considering RAW featured the return to television of The Undertaker. While WWE has been hyping up the Undertaker/Shane McMahon bout for WrestleMania as the marquee match-up on the show, the Deadman’s return this week failed to move the needle in a positive direction.
RAW was the most viewed show on cable television Monday evening, narrowly beating FOX News’ O’Reilly Factor. The first hour of RAW drew the highest rating in the valuable 18-49 age group demographic, but hours two and three fell below VH1’s Love And Hip Hop 6 in the demographic.

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