WWE Survivor Series 2015: Why Sheamus Must Cash in

We are just around the corner from Survivor Series where we will see a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion crowned, but what if the man that wins the tournament doesn’t leave with the belt?

With the Seth Rollins injury dilemma set to be resolved at Survivor Series we will have a brand new Champion in just over a weeks time. The final may very well end up being a battle of former friends in the shape of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, with most people expecting Reigns to walk away with his first World Heavyweight Championship reign under way. There’s the specter of Triple H attempting to bring someone else into The Authority to replace Rollins, a man to try to take the title away from the grasp of Reigns but there’s also that someone still has a guaranteed title shot to come as well. That man, Sheamus, could very well end up being the man who Triple H also picks.

Imagine the scenario. Reigns vs. Ambrose does end up being the final. Triple H and Stephanie come out to ringside for the match with everyone expecting one of the men, most likely Ambrose, to turn and side with them and win the belt. But that doesn’t happen. After a brutal match we get Roman Reigns winning with a clean pin, he won but he’s beaten down. He makes his way out of the ring and stands at the top of the aisle soaking in the reaction of the crowd.

Triple H watches and applauds, then a smile crosses his face. On commentary Michael Cole cannot believe that The Authority has allowed Reigns to walk out as the champion. Then Sheamus’ music hits and out he comes with his case in his hand. Sheamus and King Barrett begin a beating on Reigns, using the case and the title belt to lay him out. The pair carry Reigns back to the ring and roll him onto the mat. Barrett continues to beat on the champ as Sheamus shakes hands with Triple H, then hands his Money in the Bank case to the referee. This is his time to cash in. One Brogue Kick and less than a minute later we have our second new champion of the night. Triple H enters the ring and raises the hand of his new guy, the Authorities new man to replace Seth Rollins. The show ends with the sight of Sheamus standing tall, with Triple H and Barrett at his side.

The next night on Raw we start the show with The Authority, Sheamus and King Barrett in the ring. Triple H tells us that he said he was going to get his man and he said his man would be the new champion and he delivered exactly that. To start with Reigns is nowhere to be seen but during the night we get the tease that he is in the building. During a main event featuring Sheamus and Barrett in tag team action, Reigns comes out and takes out both men with a chair, then sits in the ring and demands a re-match for his title. The show ends with Reigns sat in the ring, waiting for his challenge to be accepted.

Sheamus needs to cash in at Survivor Series to make the last couple of weeks mean more than the fact we’re going to have to put up with a baby face Roman Reigns as Champion. Sheamus was beaten in the opening round of the tournament by Cesaro, who went on to be beaten by Reigns on his way to the title. With him holding the MITB case he can use that as the perfect way to walk away with the belt despite the fact he couldn’t get past the opening round. Triple H needs a man who he can rely on to get the job done and after seeing Ambrose rebuff the offer he turned to the man who had that guaranteed title shot in his back pocket. An easy way to get the belt away from Reigns and have it still in the hands of the Authority.

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