Barcelona approve record €663m budget

Barcelona saw a record €663 million budget approved on Sunday as the club look ahead to a more secure financial future.

The club’s economic vice-president Susana Monje revealed on Thursday that the budget – which represents the “highest in the club’s history” – was set to be presented at the weekend with an increase to wage allocation key in light of Uefa’s Financial Fair Play regulations.

Barca currently spend €380m on wages before tax – 63 per cent of their total income – however, last season’s treble win saw variables increase to over 70% that figure due to variables and bonuses, a figure which was in breach of FFP.

In response the club increased income to €595m for 2015-16 thanks to a number of new merchandising deals and sold the likes of Pedro to Chelsea before representing the new budget to the Assembly.

“There is sufficient margin and we are not even close to the limit at this stage,” Monje said on Thursday. “So Barcelona can take on renewals and new incorporations if the coaching staff consider these to be necessary.”

Neymar has been promised improved terms, with Manchester United launching an audacious bid to sign the Brazilian in the summer, but agreeing a financial package worth more than €600m was key – with 655 from a total of 758 members voting in favour.

Sunday’s green light from the Assembly sees Barca’s wage budget increased by around €80m, meaning they can renew the Brazilian’s current contract without any risk of infringing FFP regulations.

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