Manziel, girlfriend questioned by police after incident

The Cleveland Browns quarterback and his girlfriend were questioned by police in Avon, Ohio, on Monday after they were involved in a roadside domestic incident. Police said alcohol was involved, but no arrests were made.

According to the police report, a witness called authorities after witnessing Manziel’s white Nissan pass her on the side of the road at an estimated speed of 90 miles per hour. The witness said she could tell Manziel and the woman, identified as a TCU student named Colleen Crowley, were in an argument and that Crowley had tried to exit the car while it was moving.

According to the report, Crowley wanted to call her parents, but Manziel would not give up possession of her phone. Crowley responded by throwing Manziel’s wallet out the window. Manziel pulled the car into a nearby neighborhood, where the couple continued to argue. A second witness then called police.

Manziel acknowledged that he and Crowley had been drinking in downtown Cleveland earlier that day. Police determined that neither Manziel or Crowley were intoxicated to the point that they could face charges. Crowley had an abrasion on her arm and told police that Manziel had pressed her head against the car window, but indicated that she did not want to press charges. The couple were permitted to leave the scene together in Manziel’s car.

Browns general manager Ray Farmer released a statement regarding the incident: “We were aware of the situation. It is a matter that we take seriously and have expressed our concerns to Johnny directly. Those conversations will remain private and we will refrain from further comment at this time.”

Manziel later tweeted about the incident.

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