Pedrosa wins in Malaysia as Rossi punished for kicking Marquez off his bike

Valentino Rossi has accused Marc Marquez of settling the title fight in Jorge Lorenzo’s favour after their clash at Sepang resulted in a penalty for the Italian.

Prior to this weekend’s Malaysia MotoGP, the penultimate round of the MotoGP Championship, Rossi claimed that the Spaniard was out to help his compatriot beat him to the title.

Marquez rubbished that, stating that Rossi needed to concentrate on beating Lorenzo and leave him out of their battle. However, days later he was firmly in the thick of it.

Racing for third at Sepang, Rossi looked to kick Marquez’s Honda out of the way causing the Spaniard to crash.

Rossi raced onto third place and although he was allowed to hold onto the points, he was given three penalty points for causing the collision. As such he will start the season finale at Valencia from the very back of the grid.

“Marc has demonstrated that what I said in the press conference [on Thursday] was true,” said Rossi. “I thought that if I exposed him, it would make him think – but his reaction was the opposite.

“He has succeeded, I have lost the title.”

Explaining what happened out on track, Rossi added: “Unfortunately, I lose a lot of time with Marc and in turn 14, I tried to go a bit wide to take a better line and make him slow.

“He came to me and I think he crashed in that moment. His handlebar touched my foot and my foot slipped off, a bike can’t crash only with a touch.

“It’s a bad outcome for all. It would have been nice to face off against Lorenzo [at Valencia], but Marc has decided that he had to settle it in his favour.”

The Yamaha rider heads to the final round of the championship with a seven-point advantage over teammate Lorenzo.

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