Samir Carruthers fined, apologises after Cheltenham Festival incident

The MK Dons footballer Samir Carruthers has apologised after he was caught urinating into a beer glass at the Cheltenham Festival; while his club have fined and suspended him.
Carruthers was photographed as he relieved himself on a balcony while surrounded by race goers at the prestigious meet.
Following the publication of the photos, Carruthers moved to apologise over the incident.
“I don’t want to be known as the idiot who urinated in a pint glass. I feel so embarrassed,” Carruthers told Sky Sports.
“I just want to say I’m sorry to everyone, my family, the club, chairman, the gaffer. I’ve not been raised up to do something like that and I’ve let everyone down.
“I’ve let the community down and I’ve let Milton Keynes down and I have to take the criticism that comes with it. It’s not something that should be laughed about. It’s not an example I should be giving to kids, either.
“I’m meant to be a role model and I have to live by my actions now and I really am hurt by what I’ve done. It was a silly mistake and I just have to take everything that comes with it.”
MK Dons fined Carruthers two weeks wages and have suspended him for one game following the incident.
“Samir has requested, and the Club has agreed, that his fine will go to charitable causes,” a statement read on the MK Dons website.
“A contribution will go to a charity of Cheltenham Festival’s choice. Rickley Park School, who Samir has worked closely with in the past; the Football League’s official charity partner Prostate Cancer UK and Willen Hospice, a charity which MK Dons supporters are raising money for by walking and kayaking to the upcoming match at Fulham.”

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